This my solid state AM rig which is a "work-in-progress".  The RF amp is a class C circuit that  is driven into saturation by a square wave to improve the efficiency.  As shown, it is modulated by an audio amp, giving about 50 Watts of carrier, but plans are underway to pulse-width modulate it.                     



I call this my "Franken-Design" rig

because it is a horrible looking

monster, but it really gets up and

goes to town!


The RF power amp is on top of the 

120 Watt rms amplifier which is used 

to modulate it.  The Heising choke

and capacitors are on the top right.

The RF drive is supplied by a DRAKE




This shows the two FQA11N90

FETs , the IXYS 414 I.C., the output

transformer, the driver circuit board

and the power supply filter network

on the heat sink.  The P.C. board in

the foreground is a sequencer.


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